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Natalie Kadie

Natalie Kadie​

My name is Natalie Kadie. I am an entrepreneur and owner of Eight Ten Nail Bar downtown Flint which is also the community I live in as well. I am the mother of 3 boys and wife of Alex Kadie who is also the owner of Eight Ten Nail Bar. I love making a difference in Flint and making people laugh and feel good about themselves.

Brandon Corder​

Brandon Corder, a 2003 graduate of Flint Southwestern Academy, Corder was afforded an education that not only nurtured his love but also sparked his prowess in the music business. Being ambitious and a natural born risk taker B.Corder moved to New York the later moved to Los Angeles to build relationships and expand his network. Using their industry connections, the first inaugural Beats x Beers Festival was created in 2015, at one of the biggest music festivals in the world; SXSW in Austin, TX. Beats x Beers Festival brought in 13,000 anticipated attendees its first year. Beats x Beers Festival continued to grow reaching an astounding 20,000 anticipated attendees in a single year. Last year, Corder and Beats x Beers partnered with top engineering school Kettering University to curate their Centennial Fest celebration with national recording artist T-Pain at Flint’s legendary Atwood Stadium. The first festival of its kind to be hosted in the stadium since newly renovations after being acquired by Kettering University. Most recently, Corder became the 2020 ‘Hall of Achievement’ inductee by The American Advertising Federation of Greater Flint, recognizing his standout marketing and branding strategies throughout Flint and various markets. Brandon Corder continues to work tirelessly at changing the narrative of what the rest of the world sees in Flint, Michigan. He’s taken the initiative to use his influence and knowledge to create a change that will not only affect him and his business but the lives of others for generations to come.

Jon Hardman

A downtown resident since 2011 Restoring 2 victorian homes Operating 1 food truck (Naan Stop) and an Ice cream cart currently and a Pizza Truck on the way! Manager and handyman of 7 residential properties 3D printing and hobby craft enthusiast Chair of Friends of the Alley Co-Founder of Factory Two Former system administrator for the City of Flint Board member of the Downtown Development Authority Standard issue nerd who spends his free time fixing broken stuff or in virtual reality.
James Thigpen

James Thigpen​

James Thigpen is a father, artist, and Flint native who received his education in the city. That education took him to great heights in the arts, allowing him to relocate and see more of the world. Now he’s returned to Michigan with a mission to bring the things he’s learned back to the city of Flint.
cal corder

Calvin Corder​

Calvin Corder also knows as CAL, who was born and raised in Flint Michigan, started out capturing content for BeatsxBeers. Utilizing the platform that was provided to him, he began to fall in Love with Videography and Photography. CAL went on to start his own company called “Calvin Corder Productions”, his company has worked with Grey Goose Vodka, Myeightonezero, Akoo Clothing, This Life We Lead, and Harambee Wellness, one thing remains the same – story telling.
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Kady Yellow​

Kady Yellow is leading downtown placemaking: The What’s Up Downtown Project. Yellow comes to Flint as a specialist in the field. Yellow was born and raised in Binghamton, N.Y., where she became the youngest commissioner for Downtown Development and co-founded the Department of Public Art. She launched Binghamton’s riverfront revitalization and led a local art co-op focused on empowering artists to help revitalize main street. After teaching an undergraduate course on street art, she went on to earn a Master’s in the management of art and culture and gained valuable hands-on experience designing and implementing projects in New Orleans, Brooklyn, Austin, Alaska and Ireland, with a focus on street art and community-driven use of public spaces. She just released her first book on murals, street art, and graffiti and is giving walking tours of street art in Flint every Saturday at noon.